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Our Services - Spin-out

"How do I spin-out a technology quickly"

We work alongside our clients to commercialise technologies through spin-outs wherever appropriate.

Our guiding principles

  • We strongly believe that executives and non-executives are key to a successful spin-out.
  • We tailor plans specifically to funders and the funding environment to maximise success.
  • We use a licensing model/innovative structure for quick decision making.

Our previous successes

  • We created a spin-out company and secured £325k of seed funding to commercialise a career management lecture course.
  • We found an experienced commercial CEO for a prospective semi-conductor spin-out, worked with the CEO to develop the business plan and worked with the university to create the company.
  • We managed an entire spin-out process for a consumer insight software spin-out, from resolving equity shares, to negotiating executive employment contracts and liaising with lawyers.