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Our services - License

"How do I licence this technology quickly before costs rack-up?"

We work with many clients to licence out technologies before large development or patent costs arise, whilst maximising returns for the IP owners.

Our guiding principles

  • We start with a realistic understanding of the technology and its value to prospective licensees.
  • We run a stage-gated process, starting with a broad range of potential licensees and then rapidly focus in on the top prospects.
  • We constantly evaluate potential return on investment and stop quickly if necessary.

Our previous successes

  • We secured a licence for a peptide synthesis technology, offloading patent costs and acquiring royalties.
  • We agreed a co-development and licensing deal with a leading international player for a novel holographic security technology.
  • We managed complex deal negotiations and licensed 'know-how' of an energy recovering technology to a joint venture company, in return for equity share.