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Our services - Assess

"What should I do with this disclosure?"

We work with our clients to help assess new disclosures. Whilst our input is primarily from a commercial viewpoint, we are always aware of our client's overall strategy and objectives.

Our guiding principles

  • Transentia Ltd work closely with all stakeholders, including academics, technology transfer staff and patent agents.
  • We tackle disclosures from multiple angles, ranging from patentability and freedom to operate, to market size and readiness, as well as academic expertise and motivations, and institutional research strategy.
  • We consider a full range of commercialisation paths, for example, further research, collaborative development, licence and spin out. 

Our previous successes

  • We uncovered substantial latent value in the content of a career management lecture course, during assessment of a trademark.
  • We identified an opportunity in wireless communication technology, enabling us to steer developmental activity towards substantial emerging markets and away from the academic's initially selected market.
  • We discovered a fundamental flaw in an aptamer-based technology, saving our client over £400k of imminent patent costs.