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Our services - Manage Portfolio

"How do I focus my time on projects that really matter?"

We help our clients step back from their portfolios and ensure that their resources are always optimally deployed.

Our guiding principles

  • We establish and stick to rigorous financial and strategic objectives.
  • We regularly review your portfolio to ensure objectives are met.
  • We use a formal triage approach to identify 'hot prospects' and remove 'no hopers'.

Our previous successes

  • We assessed a static and unmanageable portfolio of 40 projects and worked with the university to reduce the portfolio to 10 high quality projects, we achieved five successful outcomes during this reduction phase.
  • We reviewed a small, mature life science portfolio, then established and executed a plan to progress all projects to the point of success or termination.
  • We undertook a quick review of 150 projects, identified 40 'hot prospects', developed an action plan for each of them and killed the remaining 110 projects.