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"How do I develop exactly what the market will buy?"

We believe it's crucial to let early market engagement shape a commercialisation project, and in particular any technical development, and regularly work with clients to achieve this aim.

Our guiding principles

  • We engage at the earliest possible stage in the development programme.
  • We use a bottom-up approach to identify specific points of contact in priority market segments.
  • We acquire detailed customer feedback and steer the development programme to meet a real market need. 

Our previous successes

  • We engaged with customers over a novel peptide synthesis technology and identified a technology extension, (subsequently patented) that significantly broadened the addressable market.
  • We achieved early market engagement and quickly identified interest for a novel organotypic cell culture technology, allowing the project to progress into a licensing phase.
  • We sought feedback from potential customers for a wireless communication protocol technology; determined that the market opportunity was in an adjacent sector and recommended further research.